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The Martian Way on stage

The Martian Way in concert at Schönbrunn Palace

"The Martian Way" is the dedicated vehicle for the rock music of Warren Mars.

This music is intended to be classic rock; pure to the heart of the idiom. It should be simple but not too simple. It should always have a significant rock beat. It should only use 2 guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and vocals. Every song should have a solo. Nothing should appear on record that cannot be reproduced exactly on stage with the given personnel. Finally the ensemble should be arranged holistically to give the best possible setting for the music.

Overproduction is the enemy of good music. Those of us who were around in the 1970s when good rock bands could be found in any pub deplore the current state where a decent band just can't be found; neither in a pub nor on record. What you hear on record, (with a few exceptions), doesn't even sound like a real band. The Martian Way is intended to remedy that situation.

Unfortunately we are cursed with an excuse for a recording industry that is run by conservative accountants with no imagination and no love or understanding of music. It is virtually impossible for an unknown to break into the exclusive domain of this cabal of sodomites where musical talent is not the criteria of entry. The disastrous effects of such a policy are obvious to any who stand in the wreck of this once great industry and listen to the execrable rubbish foisted upon the masses by the Big 4.

Fortunately however, thanks to the miracle of modern computer technology I am able to not only arrange and record my music in CD quality free of charge, but also to distribute it free of charge to any one that wants it, world-wide, in a matter of minutes. All without the assistance of any record company or distributor. Now that is giving the music back to the people! Fuck the big 4!

It gives me great satisfaction to at last realise my dream of releasing quality rock albums across the world. That I receive no money directly from distributing my music over the internet is not the big issue. It is far more important that my music should live than that I should become rich.

Yes, with the exception of myself, the members of this band are fictional creations, dressed up and given character to lend The Martian Way some substance and also to provide a little amusement for myself and others. It is nevertheless, a dream of mine, to one-day find musicians to fill these roles and to take the band on the road and also to record with it. It would appear however, that such a dream can only be brought into reality with substantial industry backing, and such an eventuality doesn't look likely. So it is that Warwick Marsh, Marrer Swan and the rest will continue to be the public face of the band for the foreseeable future.

The Martian Way
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