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The recordings of The Martian Way are available for free download!

For the time being you can download them direct from this page. This is the simplest and best method. How long this lasts depends on the load this places on my server. If there is too much demand I will have to move them.

I have made material available for download in two modes: either the full album all at once or just one item at a time.

The Album Pack gives you everything you can get from a CD and more: You get:

I strongly recommend that you download the full Album Pack. The Martian Way recordings are designed to be listened to uninterrupted as an album, they are not a random collection of snappy singles aimed at the 2 minute radio market, with fillers thrown in to plump out a CD. If I'm going to give you my music for free I'd prefer you listened to it properly: Download the Album Pack, unzip it, get yourself an hour of free time, turn up the volume to a decent level, start the M3U playlist, close your eyes and give it your full attention right to the end.


Life On The Dole

LOTD Thumbnail
Album Pack Download 63 MB
Action Download 3.5 MB
You're A Bum Download 5.0 MB
The World And Its Ways Download 4.3 MB
Don't Take It Alone Download 4.3 MB
Tuckerbag Carpark Peartree Wine Download 3.0 MB
Life In The Sun Download 3.8 MB
Watching The Cherries Grow Download 4.2 MB
The Maze Download 4.9 MB
A Home Of My Own Download 4.4 MB
Handout Download 6.0 MB
The Dole Bludger's Waltz Download 6.8 MB
Gonna Fly Download 3.9 MB
Album Booklet Download 4.8 MB
CD Cover Download 4.3 MB

A Young Man's Love

AYML Thumbnail
Album Pack Download 53 MB
Inside My Mind Download 2.6 MB
Wind In Your Hair Download 3.0 MB
Stay For The Night Download 2.8 MB
By My Side Download 3.1 MB
Lie Beside The Liar Download 3.1 MB
Kill You, Kill Me Download 4.5 MB
Nowhere To Run Download 5.2 MB
Wedding Bells Download 5.7 MB
Above The Clouds Download 3.7 MB
Despair Download 3.9 MB
An Ending Of Pain Download 6.7 MB
The Last Song Download 4.4 MB
Album Booklet Download 4.0 MB
CD Cover Download 0.4 MB


Miscellaneous Thumbnail
My Sister Is A Teenybopper Download 5.0 MB